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1001 things to do in Paris

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Paris is a city where you can do a thousand things. Exhibitions, restaurants, tea rooms, strolls, concerts… it’s impossible to get bored!

Happy City publishes every day new addresses that will help you discover Paris differently, on a large or small budget! Find in this page a summary of ideas that will let you enjoy the French capital to the fullest.

Best things to do in Paris :

♥ Take a cooking class with the Atelier des Chefs and amaze your friends at your next dinner.
♥ Come back to the 80’s with the restaurant Club des 5.
♥ Eat the best bagel and Oreo Milshake in Paris at Schwartz’s Deli and imagine living in NY.
♥ Make a gastronomy world tour at the Grande Epicerie de Paris.
♥ Wake-up early and take a real parisian breakfast : orange juice, Mariage Frères Tea, and a “butter croissant”.
♥ Buy a large diversity of green products at the Epicerie générale and make a picnic with friends.
♥ Fall in love with the “M-burger” (thaï style) of the restaurant Chez Moustache.
♥ Travel to Thailand and enjoyi delicious food at Fred & Ginger.
♥ Discover one of the oldest breweries in Paris at Bouillon Chartier.
♥ Have a diner in a bus called Bustronome
♥ Take an all day long breakfast at Claus.
Make yourself a tasty present in the form of a Caviar at Pétrossian
♥ Take a stroll along the Canal St Martin, and have a break at Sesame for tasting their smoothies, bagels and salads…
Have a brunch at Twenty Peas.
♥ Take your time for a green lunch at Fée Nature
Order a bento at Neobento
♥ …or at Nanashi !
♥ Follow the city guides on the best parisian Food Trucks !!!
♥ Book a table for the delicious brunch of Le Dôme du Marais in the winter garden…
♥ or at The Chambre aux Oiseaux  for its bucolic style !
♥ Take time during the lunch break and enjoy the Renoma Café
♥ Enjoy the sun and order a yummy picnic.
♥ Privatize a restaurant for a birthday or a big night at the Minimes.
♥ Imagine a dinner in Corea by tasting the fabulous Gyozas
♥ Make a tasty travel to the world of Lebanese food.
Taste the best benedict eggs in Paris
♥ Have a starry & express lunch at Céladon
♥ Taste the French-Asian fusion cuisine at Forum
♥ Eat healthy and green at La Maison Vélib’Exki
♥ Taste the traditionnal cuisine at Chez Léon
Eat green at la Petite Fabrique
Prepare a small picnic in a chic Déli.
♥ Eat gluten free at café Pinson.
Have a brunch in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Best things to do in Paris :


♥ Dreaming with eyes wide open at Pâtisserie des Rêves.
♥ Tasting the sugary sweet works of Carl Marletti.
♥ Having a crush on pâtisserie d’Angelina  and its famous hot chocolate
♥ Winking at Mona Lisa on your way to Fauchon
♥ You ordered a cake made of flowers? Don’t eat it all at once
Getting joyfully excited at L’Eclair de Génie while melting for their éclairs and chocolate truffles
Forgetting your weight loss routine and getting mouth wet for the sweet jewels of Ladurée
♥ Strolling on Saint-Louis island while enjoying a Bertillon ice cream
♥ Having a tea time with friends and with the copious lemon cake at Loir dans la Théière
♥ Getting lost in a heavenly chocolate sphere of pleasure at Hugo & Victor
♥ Shopping for plenty of delicious jam pots that will thrill your guests during the next home brunch
♥ Walking in the famous gardens of Tuileries in the company of Godiva’s chocolate strawberries
♥ Knowing that your master the secret of the perfect gift for a dinner at your friend’s house, a box of the marvelous Cédric Grolet
♥ Imagining yourself at St Tropez

Best things to do in Paris :


♥ Improve its artistic culture in Parisian museums on the 1st Sunday of each month (for free !)
♥ Return to childhood at the Musée des Arts Forains.
♥ Visit Nemo and his friends at the Cineaqua – Aquarium de Paris.
♥ Visit the Opéra Garnier.
♥ Admire the delicate work of Art Nouveau façade avenue Rapp.
♥ Enjoy spectacular views of Paris above the Printemps de la Mode.
♥ Visit and visit again the fantastic Notre-Dame.
♥ Get lost in the poetic cimetery : Pere Lachaise.
♥ Contemplate the Maillol statues in the Tuileries Gardens
♥ Visit the Cavalry of the Republican Guard
♥ Lunch with a breathtaking view of the Arc de Triomphe.

Best things to do in Paris :
Bars/Wine houses/Tea rooms


♥ Drink a iced vodka in an Ice Bar.
♥ Order a cold lemonade in a setting of an old library at Used Book Café Merci. I promise, we ask you not to keep quiet !!
♥ Taste wines at Caves Taillevent and improve its oenological knowledge! Every Saturday from 10h to 14h, great sommeliers make discover the wines of the day free at 199 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris 8th.
♥ Discover fabulous mojitos at Bacardi Mojito Lab. The menu is really tempting, you’ll want to test them all !
♥ Buy a selection of best teas at Dammann Frères.
Finish its Sunday with a delicious Tea Time at Mama Shelter.
♥ Go to the Caribbean without leaving Paris.
♥ Work in a nice co-working place at Craft.
♥ Become unbeatable about the best parisian terraces.
♥ Be like on holidays on the Nuba rooftop.
♥ Taste new cocktails at La Conserverie
Drink Kitsuné coffee in Palais Royal garden.

Best things to do in Paris :

♥ Make a declaration of love at Hôtel Amour
♥ Taste the tea time of the Plaza Athénée (if you can’t book a luxury suite !).
♥ Discover the Ora Ito’s hptel : Ô.
♥ Take a japanese bath and have a wonderful night in the Hôtel Le Nell
Sleep in the room of the admirer of the Mona Lisa
♥ Spice up its marriage by offering a night full of vices at the Hotel Vice Versa.
♥ Take a day off and appreciate a tasty Afternoon Tea at Le Meurice
♥ Have a cosy afternoon at La Maison Champs-Elysées
♥ Sleep in a old and luxurious diamond bank.
♥ Eat an afternoon tea in a palace
♥ Take a mixology course in the Four Seasons George V

Best things to do in Paris :


Strolling on the banks of Seine and having that postcard feeling every minute
♥ Walking through the alleys of Palais Royal while sipping a Taiwanese Bubble Tea at Zen Zoo
♥ Playing the perfect tourist and admiring Paris from the heights of Tour Eiffel, Notre-Dame, Tour Montparnasse
♥ Going on a quest for artist workshops in Belleville
Running to declare your full love at the wall of Je t’aime
Discovering flowered houses of Mouzaia Villas close to Buttes Chaumont Park
Hunting bargains in search of decorating ideas at Puces de Saint-Ouen
Roaming around the market of Flowers and Birds on Ile de la Cité on a Sunday afternoon
♥ Taking shelter from the rain in one of the numerous and fascinating indoor passages of Paris
♥ Digging in the vide-grenniers in search of rare objects and antiquities
♥ Needing a breath of fresh air in the capital? Take a trip to the forest of Vincennes
♥ Getting your hands dirty while gardening at Maison du Jardinage (il faut mettre un bon lien en anglais)
♥ Stop humming and get to sing for real Georges Brassens’ songs helped by the lyrics craved on the stones from the park dedicated to the famous French interpreter in the middle of vineyards and rose gardens (Rue des Morillons – Paris 15ème.)
♥ Strolling on the boulevards and admiring the decorations and sculptures on the Haussmanian buildings
Getting surrounded by nature in the greenhouses of Jardin des Plantes
♥ Going to the countryside straight from the heart of the city on Rue Crémieux at Gare de Lyon
What to do when it rains in Paris
♥ or when it gets too hot!
♥ Taking long walks through the city with my playlist of balades musicales
Taking advantage of Paris like a truly Parisian
♥ Strolling on the new shores of Seine
♥ Walking along Canal Saint Martin and playing Amélie Poulain

Best things to do in Paris :

♥ Attending burlesque shows at Filles de Joies à la Bellevilloise
♥ Getting a fair share of laugh while watching a theater show at half price with a ticket bought at Kiosque Théâtre
♥ Having fun with friends during a Quizz du Motel 8 evening (address: 8 passage Josset, 75011) with lots of prizes to be won like champagne bottles in a friendly atmosphere
♥ Taking part in music quiz contents on Wednesday evenings organized by Mr Hobbs at Café Chéri(e).
♥ Burst into laughing for the One Man Show au Café Paname.
♥ Pretending to be a rock star

Best things to do in Paris :


♥ Taking classic Photo Booth snapshots at Tokyo Palace, 104 or Chez Bonton
♥ Taking part in the Grand Journal TV Show at Canal+
♥ Waiting for summer fun in one of the open air cinemas in Paris.
♥ Practicing outdoors sports, eating free couscous, buying cinema tickets for a few euros and doing plenty of other cool stuff at a small price
♥ Getting excited for the next Suprat evening and re-experiencing the prom night
♥ Shaking in fear at Manoir de Paris. This original museum unveils the legendary Paris’ mysteries on a sumptuous theater setup
♥ Taking part in drawing classes avec the mostly original  Dr Sketchy Anti Art School
♥ Locking the name of your love one forever on the Pont des Arts
♥ Finding your way out in a captivating escape game in less than one hour
♥  Becoming the chef of a restaurant for a day at Un jour, Un Chef
♥ Discovering the cool things to do on a cheap in Paris
♥ Uncovering the secret backstage at Lido
♥ Finding a new way to explore the city in a Twizzy
♥ Taking advantage of Louis Vuitton open doors days
♥ Pretending to be a star on the photo booth of Studio Harcourt .
♥ Having your picture taken in Parisian settings at P comme Paris
♥ Taking a ride in the streets of Paris in a funny yellow convertible
Getting inspired in an international tattoo parlour
Being introduced to a clandestine bar and enjoying original cocktail

Best things to do in Paris :


Going back in time and discovering vintage stuff dropped from the truck (Tombées du Camion)
♥ Renewing your wardrobe at Paperdolls
Decorating window ledges with plenty of flowers for feeling in the country
Redecorating your house at SIA and taking part in one of their flower workshops
Going on a shopping spree at Nature et Découverte while dreaming of travel adventures
Shopping at Atelier des Sens
♥  Buying the best guides of Paris in order to feel at home in this marvelous city
Filling your house with flowers from Brin de Jardin
Passing by Lomography store and falling in love with a vintage camera
♥ Treating yourself to a Japanese notebook present at Delfonics
Capturing Paris snapshots with the help of an instant camera
♥ Treating yourself to a jewelry signed Paulette à Bicyclette
Starting to write travel notes while visiting Paris

Best things to do in Paris :


Getting back in shape with the help of a personal coach in one of Paris’ parks
♥Getting a day off and treating yourself with a spa massage at Spa Vendôme
♥ Renewing your skin at Néomist
♥ Getting relaxed and having a massage at Reflets de soie
♥ … and getting a treat for your hair with a keratin cure
♥ Indulge yourself in a different way of doing sport with Tryndo
♥ Following the compulsory guide of biking in Paris
Renting a dress for a glamorous evening at JJAS
♥ Practicing your favorite sport right from your own couch with Compex
♥ Starting to create your own beauty products with Aroma Zone

Best things to do in Paris :


♥ Being a spoiled child and demanding lots Scandinavian sweets at KÄRAMELL – 15 rue des Martyrs – 75009 Paris
♥ Going to see the beasts at Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes
♥ Taking your children to a merry-go-round at   Dodo Manège
♥ … or to music classes
♥ Taking part in a food workshop with  Gâteaux sur Mesure

Best things to do in Paris :


♥ Spending the evening at home and ordering a delicious dinner
♥  Ordering a sushi box for your and your friends
♥ Cosy evening at home with sweets from Citycake
♥ Feel like renting a jacuzzi for 24 hours? You can have yours at  AlloJacuzzi

Best things to do around Paris


♥ Leaving Paris (but ony for a night!) and sleeping in a tree house at Domaine de Graville
♥ Heading up to the sky in a hot air balloon and enjoying the fabulous sunset at Fontainbleau
♥Glacing over Paris region in an AirShip Zeppelin
♥Taking a break for a balneotherapy session at only 15km away from Paris at  Enghien

And also…

♥ Getting the best weekly info and never missing an article on Happy City
♥ Ordering my first book:  “Paris – 1000 Promesses de bons Moments” on Amazon, Fnac or Cultura !
♥ Keeping an eye on this page for tasteful and enjoying experiences in Paris :)


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  1. Olivier ribouet

    30 October

    Bravo pour cette sélection de bons plans ! Pour ma part j’ai fait une visite de paris en segway ! C’est super ludique de découvrir les monuments de paris de cette manière !! Pour ceux que ça intéresse voici le lien : 😉 Enjoy !

  2. Nicolas

    6 October

    Bravo pour les références hyper complètes. Il y en a pour tous les goûts. Pour la 1002ème suggestion, je proposerai de faire une activité avec un local, comme le propose certaines initiatives

  3. bravo pour cet article vraiment bien écrit

  4. Anonymous

    26 April

    Salut ! Merci pour cet article, il est très intéressant, je cherchais justement quelques activités à faire pour mes enfants. Grâce à vous j’aurai quelques pistes !
    Personnellement, si ça peut en aider certain(e)s, je me suis récemment rendue chez xtremaventures pour faire de l’accrobranche ! Mes enfants ont adoré et veulent absolument y retourner !
    En tous cas je garde en tête vos idées, elles vont certainement me servir bientôt !

  5. Christel

    19 September

    Que de bonnes adresses, si je comprends bien ? ! Ca a l’air trop cool !

  6. Léa

    27 May

    Super article, dont je prends note. Pleins d’originalité dans les sorties proposés !

    • Geraldine

      29 May

      Merci Léa !
      A très bientôt,

  7. Sejourning

    19 May

    Super article ! Une preuve de plus qu’on ne peut jamais s’ennuyer à Paris 😉

  8. Marine

    22 April

    Super blog, merci pour toutes ces bonnes idées et bons conseils ! 🙂

    • Geraldine

      24 April

      Merci Marine,
      Je suis ravie que ça te plaise. A bientôt sur Happy City alors !
      Bonne journée,

  9. Audrey

    26 November

    j’ai mangé deux fois de suite le Macao trop bon un vrai régal : Biscuit moelleux au chocolat, streusel noix de pécan, crème au yuzu, mousse chocolat noir grand cru recouvert d’un glaçage caramel.

  10. Audrey

    26 November

    Je n’ai pas encore tout lu mais une bonne patisserie (meilleur ouvrier de France) toujours un régal quand j’y vais chez Arnaud Larher 93 rue de Seine Paris 6ème

  11. Sophie

    11 November

    Une liste à bookmarker, lire et relire, partager… Bravo 🙂

    • Geraldine

      11 November

      Merci Sophie. C est adorable. Contente que ca te plaise 🙂

  12. LAMY Cécile

    8 October

    Bonjour, bonjour !

    Tout d’abord bravo et merci pour votre blog que j’adore! Alors justement…

    Je suis l’auteure de la pièce (D)ESPERATE WOMEN qui va se jouer au Guichet Montparnasse à partir du 20 novembre.

    Une comédie frissonnante et mortellement drôle !

    Résumé : Margaux, Charlotte et Nathalie, 3 drôles de Dames vont mener une enquête palpitante lors d’une hallucinante cérémonie d’enterrement : la morte est vivante !
    Et pourquoi n’y a-t-il que des hommes autour d’elles ? Fantasme ou réalité…? Qui se cache derrière ce piège ? Un fantôme du passé qui leur réservera bien des surprises…
    Place aux festivités !

    Déjà, j’aimerais vous inviter pour la promesse d’une soirée des plus piquantes, sexy et frissonnantes… Et puis, si vous en ressortez, le cheveu hérissé (de plaisir) sur la tête pour avoir la chance d’avoir un billet (doux) afin d’encourager toutes vos lectrices à venir trembler de rire.

    Alors, si la curiosité vous titille, vous démange même, découvrez en pièce jointe le dossier de presse ou appelez moi pour en savoir encore plus !

    A très bientôt… Et merci!

    Cécile Lamy

  13. Nicolas

    7 September


    Merci de m’indiquer la procédure afin de référencer mon entreprise sur votre site.

    Meilleures salutations.

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  15. marina

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    molto interessante

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