Holidays in Greece – Discovering Paros and t...

Holidays in Greece – Discovering Paros and the Cyclades

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Going on vacation in the Cyclades is always a good idea: an ideal climate, sumptuous landscapes, crystal clear water, blue colours everywhere … Don’t need to go farther away! Only a few hours flight  from Paris, it is the perfect destination for holidays with family, friends, lovers or even by yourself.

The most difficult choice, however, is selecting the Cyclades islands to visit, as they are all very appealing. I advise you to limit your choice to 2 or 3 islands, in order to take advantage of all that they have to offer.

 Last September, we left for Athens to reach the beautiful island of Paros, which I discovered on a previous trip three years ago.

 We filled our suitcases for you with 25 addresses that mark our unforgettable memories for the stay. Hotels, car rentals, beaches, shops, restaurants, cafés and places to visit … so many ideas to inspire you! We wish you Happy travel if you leave soon for Greece!

 Ready to join us? Let’s go!


Y aller ?


To get to Paros you can book a flight with one of the low cost airlines that will take you first to Athens. If you’ve never been the capital of Greece, it is worth staying 2 days in the city and visit the must-see places such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon, as well as the Zeus Temple or the Olympic Stadium. You can visit Athens right at the beginning of your holidays, then enjoy the calm and serenity of the Cyclades. You will see, the contrast is striking!

If you already know Athens, and your flight schedule does not allow you to reach Paros right away, we advise you to book a small hotel near Piraeus in order to gain time in the early morning by using the first ferry to reach the Cyclades. A few minutes walk from the port, the Piraeus Port Hotel is a 2-star hotel perfect for a transit night. The rooms were comfortable, very clean and the service was really nice. In the early morning we were able to reach our ferry without any problems. Remember to book in advance if you are leaving during peak periods. Once in Paros, forget the bike rental. I had this very bad idea the first time I went there and I regretted it throughout the stay. Paros is a mountainous island and biking is quite physical especially on a hot day. It can be very unpleasant. This time we rented a car for our entire stay in the Karent agency, right next to the harbor. It’s very convenient and it will take you only a few minutes to retrieve your vehicle (or return it when you leave the island).

Where to sleep ?



Hôtel Kosmitis

Just a few minutes walk from the famous center of Naoussa, Hotel Kosmitis offers traditional accommodation with a beautiful swimming pool and direct access to Agii Anargyri Beach. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, elegantly decorated. The fabulous setting facing the Aegean Sea puts this 4-star hotel among the best in Naoussa and the island of Paros. The hotel is open from May to September. Every morning you can enjoy breakfast by the pool. The hotel also has a tennis court if you need to spend more energy.

Where ? Agii Anargyri-Naoussa – 84401, Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Phone? +30 22840 52466 or +30 22840 53255,
Website ?

Happy City liked? People kindness / Room size / Modern decorations and beach spirit / private balcony / room near pool / variety of snacks by the pool / tennis court / wifi in the rooms Municipalities /
Happy City would have preferred? A better equipped bathroom
Warning ? The Google Maps had a few issues with the route to the hotel! Be sure to spot it correctly to avoid going round in circles …;)

The beaches


In Paros, the beaches are surely the one thing not missing … During our stay on the island, we went looking for a different one every day.


1 * Parasporos

What? Parasporos is one of the most frequented of the island of Paros. Beautiful sheltered bay, wide sandy beach with a lot of deckchairs and parasols (10 € for 2 people). There are also some beach volleyball courts. The spot is fairly easy to reach either by car or scooter. For small snacks, you can go to a couple of restaurants (with WC and shower). The reception is pleasant and the decoration neat. In short, we give you the green light!
Where ? 3km South from Parikia
Warning ? There are some pebbles by the beach but then mostly fine sand.


 2 * Goldenbeach

What? One of the most famous beaches on the island that proudly got its name after the sand and crystals water shining in the sun. The Hotel bar restaurant offers deck chairs and straw huts (10 € per day for 2). Translucent sea. Very clean. View on the mountains. Water sports (Wind surfing, talking, cannon, windsurfing). Very good restaurant.
Where ? Located 22 km from Parikia and very close to the village of Drios.
What we ate? The Rust Salad (feta / tomatoes on slice of bread) and the Moussaka.
How much ? It costs 10-11 € per person


3 * Paralia Kolymbithres

What? Parasol of straw overlooking a small cove with funny rocks. Crystal clear sea.
How much ? Parasols + deckchairs at 10 € per day. Happy Hours at the bar Paros on the rocks = 14 € for 2 cocktails (mojitos, Pina colada, Sex on the beach …) 8 € la sangria.
Happy City liked? Table football / Hammocks


 4 * Santa Maria Beach

What? Very nice beach located near Naoussa, in the bay of Plastira. Along the coastline splitted into two soft golden sandy beaches that offer a beautiful view of the island of Naxos and crystal clear waters.
How much ? Parasols + deckchairs at 10 €. Ice tea 2,5 € / Coffee frappé at 4 €.
Where ? Santa Maria
But also ? Watersports Santa Maria (+30 69 45 722 404) and do not miss the Hamaka Pool Bar (large swimming pool with deckchairs, hammock and aqua bar with high stools immersed in water)
What did we have? Cocktail Porn Star (caramel vodka, brown sugar, lime, passion fruit, vanilla) at 8 €



I do not know you, but personally, when I go on a trip, I like to bring back a little souvenir. Most of the time, I buy a decorating object or a cooking utensil … In short, something that will have its place in my daily life, without however cluttering it … and especially something easy to carry …


1 * Jazmin

What? Shop that reproduces fragrances from large perfume houses by using chemist pipettes and flasks. Beautiful products for the beard are also on sale (brand Homer).
Where ? Naoussa
Phone? +30 22840 51361
Facebook page ?
What can we buy? The copy of your favourite perfume conceived under your eyes and for gentlemen a selection of original products for the beard.


2 * Lefkes Ceramic Workshop

What? The oldest ceramic workshop in Paros, created in 1951, when Yiannis and Virginia Kidonieus settled in the village of Lefkes. From the collaboration of a master potter and an inspired painter, a unique technique of ceramic decoration was born. Since then, the nephew Kostas Fifas has taken over the workshop and the company’s original techniques (glazing, shooting, etc.) and has been integrating new design.
Where ? Lefkes
Contact ? 6978630450
What can we buy? Decorated dishes, ceramic games, a pendulum, pots …


3 * Magnolia

What? Located in an old mansion of 1740, Magnolia is a must-see if you like the interior decoration. Here you can buy furniture of traditional inspiration, but also small objects that are more easily transportable (mirrors, candlesticks, lamps, tablecloths, as well as artisanal glassware)
Where ? Parikia
Phone? +30 22 840 22 575
What can we buy? A fouta / A dish / Crockery / household linen / decorative objects / ladder / wooden tray … We would like to buy the whole shop, it’s that pretty!


4 * Olive Tree

What? Shop of handmade olive wood utensils.
Where ? Parikia
Phone? +2284023201
Website ?
What can we buy? A wooden butter knife / salad cutlery XXL!

Local grocery stores


In addition to the small decorative object, I do not miss any opportunity to fill my suitcases with local flavors. Once you have returned, you can improvise a gourmet aperitif among friends with some small specialties of the country.


1 * I Paradosi

What? Superb small village grocery which sales wine, olive oil, salt, biscuits, fruits and vegetables. It feels like a postcard!
Where ? Village Lefkes
Phone? + 22840 44101
What can we buy? Wine, spices or small biscuits with nuts.


2 * Paktia

What? A bric-a-brac grocery store run by an old lady who offers local products (olive oil, sesame, trahana, Paros cheese, wines …) and some houses.
Where ? Parikia
Phone? + 22840 21029
What can we buy? Artisanal liqueurs based on fruits / fruits in syrup / olive oil …


3 * Sporus

What? Organic grocery store with lots of products presented in superb packaging. Coup-de-coeur for the products … We’d like to have the same shop in Paris
Where ? Naoussa
Website ?
What can we buy? Handmade soap / vegetable jars / tea / jams …

The restaurants


Paros has so many restaurants that we wanted to experience. The kitchen is very local. You can enjoy seafood and Greek specialties. If you are as gourmand as we are, you should love it!


 1 * Levantis

What? Levantis restaurant – Restaurant with a beautiful little courtyard under vineyards. Greek food revisited. On the menu are small appetizers, local wine. The presentation of the dishes is excellent  and the flavors are refined. Reception is very nice.
Where ? Parikia – Central market street
Phone? +30 22 840 23616
How much ? Count 30 € per person (starter / main course or main course / dessert and wine)
Website ?

Happy City liked? The setting/ The refined kitchen /
Happy City would have preferred? Prices a little bit cheaper.


2 * Halaris Ouzery

What? This fish tavern overlooking the harbor. The setting is very nice. We particularly liked the flowers / plants in large tin cans. The octopus suspended in front of the restaurant is an integral part of the atmosphere of the restaurant.
Where ? Piso Livadi
Phone? +30 2284 043257
What did we order? Mussels / Seafood …


 3 * Taverne Albatros

What? Our canteen on the island! We have eaten there several times … This family restaurant (for 14 years) prepares sea dishes, typical Greek appetizers (spicy white cheese, anchovies pickled in vinegar), but also delicious fried mezze (cheese puff pastry, croquettes, cod, tomatoes). Some wines and dishes are typical of the island of Paros, if not the majority are Greek dishes “aegean cuisine”.
Where ? Parikia – to the right of the port
Phone? +30 2284 021848
What did we eat? Cheese and spinach puff pastry, grilled octopus.
Warning ? The dishes are very big, you risk eating a lot.


 4 * Ntravalos

What? Small restaurant nestled in a small white alley, with different mezzes to share (marinated anchovies, octopus, tzatziki, eggplant caviar …) Local wine. One of our favourites!
Where ? Naoussa
Phone? +30 697 792 9584
How much ? 25 € for 2 people
What did we eat? Cheese and spinach puff pastry, grilled octopus.


 5 * Barbarossa

What? A superb restaurant on the small port of Naoussa, specializing in fish. Exceptional setting, quality of the dishes excellent, without forgetting the beautiful presentation up to the plate.
Where ? Naoussa
Phone? +30 2284 051391
Website ?
We loved ? The bouquets of dried flowers in the ice buckets, the white tables and comfortable benches. Prices quite expensive but very good products.
We liked less? They seem to hurry here. We did not have time to appreciate, it’s a pity …

The Ice-creams


In Greece, temperatures can easily go up very quickly, a nice excuse to buy yet another ice cream, do not you think?


1 * Nomma Crema

What? Charming house glacier with pastel tones.
Where ? Naoussa
How much ? 3 € the ball (but big portion)
What did we order? A homemade ice cream of Ferrero, peanut butter, mascarpone, fig. Endless choices!


 2 * Vanilla Gelateria

What? Ice-creams shop in the small white alleys of Parikia … perfect for a small gourmet stop.
Where ? Paralia Paroikias | Zoodochou Pigis, Parikia 844 00
How much ? 3,5 € the 2 ice creams
What did we order? A Black Forest Flavor / Orange Mascarpone / or a Milkshake

Bars / Coffee shop


When it’s hot, you should always think about hydrating yourself. Having a coffee in a nice spot while admiring the sunset in the early evening was one of our favourite pastimes.


1 * Jimmy’s Coffee

What? A seaside café, perfect for breakfast on arrival from the port or before returning to the ferry.
Where ? Parikia
What did we order? The Waffles with Nutella! They are simply enormous. They are accompanied by a fresh orange juice. A little advice ? Order rather a la carte than a formula, otherwise you will be served orange juice from a can.


2 * Kafenio Marigos

What? Small cafe with a very nice decor (old phone, frames with old photos, run by an old gentleman). Do not leave without tasting a piece of orange pie.
Where ? Plateia Agias Triadas, Lefkes
Phone ? +30 2284 044014
What did we order? A lemonade and a Greek coca. If you’re a bit hungry, the perfect cake: orange pie (portokalopita), Ravanie (coconut) or baklava …


3 * Be Bop

What? Coffee shop, bar with sea view. Perfect to admire the sunset, refresh after a walk in the narrow white streets of Parikia. Chilling spirit (white furniture) and music
Where ? Parikia
Phone? +30 2284 028075
How much ? Cocktails between 9 and 12 €. Breakfast between 2.5 & 9 €. Smoothie 6 €. Cappuccino 3,5 €.)
Website ?
What did we have? The Signature Seychelles cocktail (dark rum, passion, grava, pineapple, lime, angostura bitter) and Summer Wine (mastricha, vodka, medium sweet rose, berry tea (homemade) lemonade
Warning ? Pricy for a greek bar, but super deco and delicious cocktails.
Hey? Bebop is a very characteristic jazz style from the mid-40s (fast tempo, improvisation, instrumental virtuosity)


4 * Evening Café

What? Cute little cafe overlooking the port of Piso Livadi.
Where ? Piso Livadi
Phone? +30 2284 041392
What did we have? A café frappé

The visits



1 * The Marathi Quarry

What? A few kilometers from Parikia, next to the picturesque village of Marathi, you will find the remains of the ancient marble mine of Paros. It is in these surroundings that the famous marble of Paris was extracted. Very famous sculptures and monuments were created with this marble, such as the Venus of Milo, the Victory of Delos, the Hermes of Praxiteles, the Victory of Samothrace, the korês of the Acropolis, the treasure of the Siphnians at Delphi, The temple of Apollo, the temple of Zeus at Olympia, or the temple of Apollo at Delos. Paros visitors can venture into the corridors, galleries and try to discover some inscriptions from former artists. The access to the quarries is made by one of the two entrances: the entrance of the cave of Pan and the entrance of the cave of the nymphs.


2 * The Butterfly Valley

What? This biotope which combines lush vegetation (oleanders, cypresses, carob trees, fruit trees or plane trees) hosts a black and white speckled butterfly with orange and red wings: the Tiger moth. A small path will allow you to wander and observe them in complete silence as it’s forbidden to disturb them
Where ? Four kilometers south-west of Parikia
How much ? 2.5 € entry
Happy City liked? Nothing spectacular but perfect for a small shady stop after visiting the monastery and the church Moi Christou. We discovered butterflies filling a few trees, we drink a freshly squeezed orange juice (3 €) and a café frappé.


3 * The Monastery Moi Christou Dasous + church

What? A must in Paros. Perched high on a mountain, after winding roads, it’s a pleasant surprise to discover an oasis of peace and enjoy the tranquility of the place. Be careful to be dressed properly if you want to go inside (arms and legs covered). After the visit of the monastery, we went to the church where the interior frescoes are currently under renovation (we still managed to enjoy the beauty of the site).


4 * The Basilica of the Panagia Katapoliani

What? This basilica is the largest Paleochristian sanctuary of the Cyclades. Also named “Church of the Virgin with One Hundred Doors”, it’s ideally located in the center of Parikia. According to legend, there are ninety-nine doors visible, the hundredth door remains secret and will only appear when the Greeks occupy Constantinople.
Where ? Parikia
Happy City liked? The general atmosphere / dresses provided at the entrance to cover the legs.

Useful information

To organize your stay in the Cyclades, you should take care and plan in advance for  transportation and accommodation … Sometimes it can be a bit complicated to find the best flight and the best hotel. For those who prefer having the holidays organized for you, why not let yourself be tempted by a cheap Opodo Greece vacation and take advantage of all the expertise of the online travel website? The rates are quite competitive. The Peloponnese, Rhodes, Crete and Thessaloniki are waiting for you! 🙂

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